Workshop on Geometry and Physics, II 2017

                         July 13-16, 2017, Sun Yat-sen University


This workshop consists of a few conference talks, aiming to bring together researchers to communicate on recent progress in algebraic/symplectic geometry, mathematical physics and related topics. It is a continuation of exploring a good way to bring potential collaborations among the participants. 



HU, Jianxun  (Sun Yat-sen University)
LI, Changzheng (Sun Yat-sen University)




  CHO, Cheol-Hyun    (Seoul National University, Korea)

  LEE, Jaehyouk     (Ewha Womans University)

LEUNG, Naichung Conan  (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

  LI, Qin       (Southern University of Science and Technology)

  MA, Ziming       (Taiwan University)




Venue: Room 403 (New Math. Building)


  Jul. 13 (Thu) Jul. 14 (Fri) Jul. 15 (Sat)

Free discussions


Lunch Break


Free discussions Cho  


Tea Break


  Tea Break
16:20-17:10 Ma  

Banquet: 18:00-20:00  (July 15)

July 14 (Sunday)

Departure day.



Title and Abstracts:


  • Homological mirror symmetry for orbi-spheres with 3 orbifold points(by C.-H. Cho)
  • Abstract: We explain a homological mirror symmetry formalism using immersed Lagrangian. It transforms Lagrangians into matrix factorizations. If we apply it to orbifold sphere with 3 orbifold points, we obtain a Landau-Ginzburg model. With H.Hong and S.C. Lau, we have used this to prove HMS conjecture in these cases for elliptic and hyperbolic cases. We explain how to prove HMS for spherical orbifolds.


  • Remarks on SYZ (by N.C. Leung)
  • Abstract: I will discuss some research problems related to SYZ mirror symmetry conjecture.


  • Rational Quartic Divisors of del Pezzo Surfaces (by J. Lee)
  • Abstract: In this talk, we consider special divisors (root, line, ruling, exceptional system and rational quartic) of del Pezzo surfaces and their correspondences to subpolytopes in Gosset polytopes k21. According to the correspondence, we study rational quartic divisors and the related configuration of lines to produce contraction.


  • A construction of Toeplitz quantization (by Q. Li)                                          

    Abstract: In this talk I will introduce a construction of geometric quantization of Kahler manifolds. I will explain how this construction gives rise to modules over the deformation quantization algebra via Fedosov.


  • Witten deformation and Morse theory  (by Z. Ma)                                       

    Abstract: Let f : M → R be a Morse function on an oriented compact Riemannian manifold M. Morse theory studies the homology of the manifold by a Morse complex, which is a finite dimensional vector space freely generated by critical points of f, equipped with the Morse differential δ defined by counting gradient flow lines of f. In an influential paper by Witten, he suggested a differential geometric approach toward Morse theory by deforming the exterior differential operator d with df. We will discuss the idea in Witten’s proof, and how it can be generalized to different cases incorporating product structures and S^1-equivariant structure if time is allowed.





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